Welcome to My Sunshine Page

Thanks for stopping by!

My Sunshine Place is all about happy things. It’s a blog about food, travel, beauty, home decor, inspiration, photography and more. It’s a lifestyle blog by definition, but to me, it’s a ‘life’ blog, because every post we write contains a li’l piece of our heart.

My friend Kuwali and brother Kishore, who are based out of Guwahati, and I, Daisy, based out of Mumbai, are doing our best to curate this blog into a place that would give people who like  it the feeling of home… a place to keep coming back to.

If you or your heart belongs to Mumbai or Guwahati, you’ll definitely love this blog! But if not, you only need to only have a fondness for the little things in life, and you’ll certainly find something on this blog that’ll hopefully become a part of you.

We also want to give a big shout out to all our guest contributors to the blog because this blog belongs to them, and our readers as much as it belongs to us because we are stronger together.

See you again, soon!