(1/2) Postcard hill station of India: Shillong

Its been a long long break in My Sunshine Place :). I know there is no way to make it up for it but I can still try!

In today’s post I will take you around two immensely pretty and quaint hill stations of India: Shillong and Coonoor! For me, they are my favorite postcard hill stations-less commercialized, warm people and local food and products!

Shillong: Shillong is ~100 km away from my home in Assam. The best was to reach Shillong from Guwahati is by a cab which takes around 3 hours. You can also go via a chopper which takes around 30 minutes but you have to coordinate a lot which I feel is very exhausting(since it cannot be done online).On its way, you must stop by the picturesque Barapani lake. Shillong’s main attraction for me was the Lady Hydari Park and the Shillong Peak. You get a very nice panoramic view of Shillong from its peak :). It is a very nice place to roam around provided you do not go to the main markets: Police Bazaar and Bara Bazaar. There are just too many people there and when you are travelling from Mumbai, you do not want to see more people (Local trains does that to you)

Laitlum,which is ~30 minutes drive away from Shillong, is an amazing place: far from the hustle, has just one shop and there is just so much fresh air. There is literally just one shop in the entire village. We had great black tea there from a guy called Chirob who just had a super warm smile throughout! He was such a happy soul!

There is also Mawlynnong, which is Asia’s cleanest village. A unique thing I saw there was almost all the restaurants in this village are run by women :). It was surprisingly very very clean to my expectation. Had great homemade food from a local home there. This place is very close to Bangadesh border and there are wooden staircases to the top of trees from where apparently you can see Bangladesh, but it is all trees and you cannot differentiate. Haha.

I love Shillong and many things about it (I hate the city’s traffic though). I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing these pictures as much as I did while putting it together.



(All pictures clicked on Google Pixel #TeamPixel



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