Yummilicious finds: Le 15 Patisserie

Once in a while you come across  few places that you fall in love with instantly : first with the decor and then of course with the food!

Le 15 Patisserie in Bandra is a cute little pastry shop/cafe that I discovered a few days back.It was a nice rainy evening (actually night –  ~ 11 pm) and I and my friend wanted to have something quickly.I went inside to ask if they served snacks/sandwiches along with desserts. They didn’t. But I did not leave immediately.I was in awe with the decor of the place – in pastel shades.I thought lets have desserts here and then go around and grab a wrap/kathi roll from a street shop.I loved sitting there and having the Chocolate Truffle Pastry- it is   YUMM.

Later that week, when I had to meet a friend in Bandra,I chose this cafe. We ordered Coffee, the same pastry from last time( it is a must try) and a cupcake.The cupcake was good ( I still stand by the fact that Guilt Trip serves the best cupcakes in town).I wanted to try the macaroons too but I had no space in my tummy. I love the staff of this place as well, both the time they were super nice to me.This place received The Times Food award for “Best Desserts” this year and its owner (Pooja Dhingra) had written a book on baking 🙂

I knew that only a woman could make a little place look so damn pretty 🙂







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