Sunshine Thoughts: On imagining a world without labels

First “Sunshine Thoughts” feature of the blog: its about something we feel deeply or some article we have read online and thought was worth sharing and will make people smile :).

I don’t know why this has become the norm but I find it terribly unfair to look at people in isolation. People are more than their one opinion, statement, tweet or post and it’s incredibly unfortunate that we are now reducing everyone to one label.

It may be a function of being a writer, but I think about people and the society we are turning into a lot. And I find it absurd that we now slap labels on people so easily. Everybody who disagrees with us is a ‘troll’, everyone who has an opinion unlike ours is a ‘hater’, people who hold certain political beliefs are ‘bhakts’ or ‘libtards’ or whatever.

Why have we started so easily judging a person’s entire life based on on that one opinion that he/she may hold, even if that opinion is contradictory to ours? Why are we so quick to demean, undermine, hit back, or retaliate against anyone who is unlike us – in perhaps only exactly ONE way?

I refuse to label. I refuse to use words like ‘troll’ because I find it offensive to bring an entire human experience down to one thing. In fact, I’ve now reached a point where I try and look for context in everyone’s opinion, whether good, bad or ugly, because I refuse to label people as a knee-jerk reaction.

And you know? If I don’t jump to conclusions about who a person is because they say or believe that one thing, I come to realise that people aren’t all that bad! Yes, we all differ from each other on that one thing: religion/political ideology/colour/community/thoughts on feminism for that matter, but essentially, we are all the same inside because we have all grown up in the same world.

We have all gone through similar things: we’ve all come from the dysfunctional setups, we’ve all had to fight for our dreams, we’ve all seen the world turning to shit, and we’ve all been incredibly frustrated each time we get caught in traffic! The same movies have changed us, we’ve come of age listening to the same music and iconic cricket matches are part of our collective experience!

And the rest is just context, background.. and life. That’s it. And if we just understand that, and understand how underneath it all, we are just the same PEOPLE, and just stop being assholes to one another, we’d all live in such a better world.. not much unlike the world we grew up in.

Let’s just imagine a world without labels….

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