For the love of Notting Hill, from Notting Hill

Doesn’t Notting Hill, the movie, make you go aww every time you watch it? Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts together is SIGH! The whole vibe of the movie was so fresh and it makes you feel love, a lot like love. Although, movies like Notting Hill, PS I Love, About Time, serendipity cannot be my all time favorite movies because of the fact that they are too emotional. I would rather pick a Jab We Met, Band Baaja Baarat, Made of Honor or The Proposal anyway over them. But Notting Hill is a classic. And since it made me feel love, I had to go to Notting Hill if I was around.

I found the street ┬áimmensely pretty, laid back and still full of life, young and still old, traditional and yet modern. I couldn’t help click a lot of pictures of the beautiful bright and poppy walls of the street and the cute doors. These will be kept in mind in choosing a pallete for decor or design next time for sure.

We did look for House #280 where Hugh Grant stayed in the movie, but we found #279 and #281 adjacent to each other (first pic below)



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