Wanderlust Pick : Laitlum Canyons (Summer Holiday Edition 2)

Laitlum canyons are situated in the state of Meghalaya. A few hours drive from Guwahati will take you to the capital city of Meghalaya, Shillong. From Shillong to Smit valley is a journey of 1 hour by car. Once you reach Smit valley, there are signboards that guide you to Laitlum village, and the huge canyons there.

This is one of the must visit places if you are in the North East India. My top reasons why:

  1. No photograph is ever going to do justice to the breath taking view that awaits you there.
  2. On reaching this place, you will be welcomed with a cool, pleasing gust of wind. The air brushing against your face is so fresh, you would want to soak as much air as possible before heading back towards the concrete jungle and the busy, fast lives.
  3. There are wide , open spaces everywhere you see, that ensures you get to take your own spot and chill with your friends/family
  4. It is as virgin as it gets. Although tourism in this place has spiked after the shooting of the Bollywood movie Rock On 2, it is still relatively emptier than the other famous tourist locations.
  5. It is a photographer’s haven.


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