Wanderlust Pick: Goa’s Ozran Heights (Summer Holiday Edition 1)

I feel, Orzan Heights Beach resort in Goa is idyllic for a perfect quite summer holiday in Goa. Located in Vagator beach, it is right next to the immensely popular Thalasa. I love Ozran heights for 5 things

1)      Cottage rooms: they offer a nice break from the usual commercialized hotels and the fact that you have the whole cottage to your self is so awesome. Plus I love wooden flooring and the cottages are very spacious.

2)      It can never be crowded as there are around 10-12 cottages

3)      The beach is within 300 meters and is clean and is peaceful and not commercialized. You can go for a run in the morning there. I would suggest not going alone to the beach though, in the night.

4)      If you want to party, Thalasa is within 500 meters from the resort and you can get decked up and chill. The Maggie trucks outside Thalasa are awesome though. They make yummy Maggie

5)       It is just so picturesque. Don’t the pictures say it all?

(All pictures taken by self, on phone)




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