5 ways to pretty-fy your place with fairy lights

God bless the person who invented fairy lights. I can’t think of any one other thing that is as versatile as Fairy Lights when it comes to decorating your space or its usage in special occasions.  They are super inexpensive (which means most people can afford it), can be used anywhere for decorating purpose (home, restaurant, festivals) and are low maintenance, minimal and hassle free.

Here are our top 5 ways for adding prettiness with fairy lights for your life 🙂 (and we know this list can never be exhaustive). In each of the below points, I have included 2 sets of pictures, one from real life and one from Google/Pinterest to demonstrate my point.
1)Wedding decor: You can ditch all the fancy lights and flower decor and opt for just fairy lights and it will still look super pretty. (That’s what I cut down my wedding decor budget, pic below). If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like too much bling and is subtle in their taste, fairy lights can come to your rescue for even making the entire canopy or mandap.
 Image source of the below pics: Pinterest
String Lights Chuppah, Wedding Canopy from Style Me Pretty - mazelmoments.com Keywords: #weddings #jevelweddingplanning Follow Us: www.jevelweddingplanning.com  www.facebook.com/jevelweddingplanning/:
2) For Home : Just hang some fairy lights in whatever way you want and your space will look at least 3X pretty than what it would in normal white light or yellow light (Do give it a try)
  Image source of below pic: Pinterest
DIY your Christmas gifts this year with GLAMULET. they are 100% compatible with Pandora bracelets. Japans bed:
3)For a chic room: This is my favorite If you have Polaroid pictures, just hang them in the strings of the fairy lights for a chic decor.
 Image source of below pic: Pinterest
How To Create a Dream Bedroom on a Budget:
4) Inside a birdcage: If you have seen Wake Up Sid, you will know what I am taking about. Birdcage+Fairlights= LOVE
  Image source of below pic: Pinterest
Birdcage with fairylights:
5) Inside painted (or unpainted)bottles : Just make sure they are LED. You may hang them from a hook or use it as a side lamp  🙂
Super pretty isn’t it?

There is something about fairy lights, something so good that it makes your heart fill with happiness. A string of fairy lights is like good music, it can soothe the mind and body and can transport you to amazing places! It is like a harbinger of light in a dark world.

You know how the colours of a kid’s book make us happy? Fairy lights give me a similar feeling. Take my word and try it out in your rooms, and you will enjoy some really amazing evenings just lying down in your fairy lights -lit room !


We hope you enjoy fairy lights in your space as much as we do and this post was able to help you in some way 🙂

Daisy and Kuwali

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