Wedding Return Gift Ideas

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The Summer wedding season in India has already begun and I thought it is the best time to do a post on “Wedding Return Gift Ideas” for those few special friends who have traveled all the way for your wedding and have been with you during the whole planning process and are your best friends. I have narrowed the options to 8 choices, 5 of which are Unisex and 3 are for women :D.

  • Amazon Gift Cards : These are the best gifting options. One of my friend gifted us these at his wedding and we were too happy. They are totally fuss free and you can be doubly sure that everyone is going to like them.
  • Custom Mugs and/or Frames: This is what we did for our wedding (Actually the entire return gift was a gift from another friend). Mugs and custom made photo frames are somethings that will remain with your friends for a long time (My friends still  send me pictures  whenever they are having tea in these mugs). You may also give the “Happiness Mugs” which comes with cute appropriate messages. These are really affordable (around Rs. 200)


  • Friends Posters and/or T-shirts: These will be universally liked (of course you have to know the T-shirt size) and are available online at


  • Cakes and savories : A local bakery can easily make cake in a jar that looks super cute. Just make sure that they are fresh and are consumed as mentioned. Brownie Cottage, Theobrama, Love Sugar Dough all make brilliant cakes (jar or loaf) but you can always reach out to your local bakery for the same and get a good deal. You can make a kit with chocolates (Like Cadbury’s Silk/Nutties) or buy the Cadbury dabbas that come for around Rs 300. There was a very interesting article on Crafts Villa about which you can read here on different types of tea gifting ideas.


  • Custom made lamps: makes custom lamps from recycled alcohol bottles and you can get these made in bulk (10-15) for your friends with specialized “Thank You” messages.


  • Phulkari Dupattas/ Jaipuri Kurtis/Assamese Mekhelas : If you studied in an engineering college or an MBA college in India, you will know that when you are in the age group of 26-29, you have to attend many weddings across India. And the good part about that is you get to visit places you would otherwise skip. So, as a wedding return gift, its a good idea to give something that is native to your place: like a phulkari dupatta if you are in Punjab, or block print clothing fabric or Rajasthani dupattas or Assamese Mekhelas etc. I had picked the fabric for the jaipuri kurtis (in the pic below) for around Rs 400 per kurti and gifted them to my friends on their birthdays (You see how versatile this post is, is is not JUST wedding return gift ideas :))



(Phulkari Dupatta pic source: Google)

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