Uber Cute : Fujifilm’s Instax Mini8 (Review and Styling for home)

Hello 🙂

Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 8 camera is totally adorable: It comes in pastel colours and clicks and prints pictures in an instant. I love this camera and it is one of my most loved possession. It is available easily in all leading Ecomm sites (Flipkart and Amazon), cheaper than most digital cameras (but has a catch, keep reading to find out what it is), needs no charging (AAA battery operated) and you can have cute physical photos in an instant in this day and age of selfies and digital photos.

Image may contain: camera

Now, the catch is : the films are expensive. The pricing strategy for this has been such that the camera is more or less affordable but to be able to use it on a regular basis, you have to pay a higher price because the films comes to on an average Rs 100 per photo. So, this cute thing has this major limitation when it comes to India and hence probably, it is not AS much popular among the masses. If you are buying the films along with the camera then you may get it cheaper but that is a one time thing. So for subsequent usage, you have to pay a much higher price per pic.


So, that makes the camera more precious and hence the incremental happiness that you derive from a single polaroid pic increases :). I had got a workaround for the films: they are available in Japan and China for much lesser price. So, once when my friend was travelling from China, I ordered 3 packets (60 films) at the price of 1 pack in India. And those lasted for over an year as I used the camera only for special occasions. You may get from Aliexpress for cheap price. I know its headache but all good things come with headache :D. Also, I have a cheat code: whenever some friend of mine who are coming down from US or any other country and if they say what you want I shamelessly mention the films so that I do not have to buy them. And they happily oblige (Best friends are the best!)

Styling the pictures:

Coming to styling the pictures for home, I have two options:

1. I got these super cute frames from an NGO that makes and sells them for around Rs 60 each. Since they are in multi-color you can mix and match as per your choice and use them to brighten up your home. These can be also used as fridge magnets. I knew someone who had this camera and I have gifted her 5 of these frames and she loved it.

2.Hang them in a frame: I got these frames for Rs. 50 from a local store and got hooks attached to them, tied ribbons and hanged the pictures.


I know the camera comes with a bit of trouble when it comes to the frames but believe me, when you finally have them put up at your home, the happiness is worth it (at least for me it is)



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