Shades in Sync: Blue and Yellow

Our last #ShadesinSync post (Blue and White) was our first ever post in the blog and it received a lot of love. #ShadesinSync is a series where we talk and showcase colour pallets/combinations that look superb with each other – in clothes, accessories, décor, logos, nature etc.

Today, we will showcase a very versatile combination: Shades of Blue and Yellow. Now Blue can be of many hues: Navy Blue, Aqua Blue, Powder Blue, Baby Blue etc. and so is yellow: Mustard Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Mango Yellow etc. When I mentioned it to one my closest friends and said I want to do a post on “Mango Yellow and Aqua Blue” combo, she said please be real and just do Blue and Yellow and drop the fancy superlatives. I agreed and hence this post will be about **drum-rolls**  “Shades of Blue and Yellow”!

Now in my last post, I had mentioned that I will explain why some colours look good with each other and some don’t. Basically there are just 2 thumb rules:

1) The colours that are somewhat opposite to each other in the colour wheel make each other look brighter and

2) The colours that are adjacent to each other make each other look more homogeneous.


When coming to home decor or clothes, you can play with either 2 colors (like blue and white, pink and white, red and white), where one of them is neutral. But when it comes to two colors that are bright or dull or both, you may need one more color to break the tone(either tone it down or up). More on that some other day.

“Blue and Yellow” is one of our favorite combos that looks great in clothes and home decor, and well, the La La Land Poster.

1)  See how the yellow of Emma Stone’s dress just breaks the monotony of the blues in the LA LA LAND poster and make it look so good.

Image Source: Google


2) Clothes: This combo looks SO good in Indian wear: Lehengas(That Aditi Rao Hydari outfit is love) and kurtis, men’s wear, casual wear, etc.

Images Source: Google

3)Wedding theme: I know it’s a combo mostly you will see in western décor and on Pinterest (What an ideal virtual place to live in, na?), but trust me, if you have a day wedding, using just marigold décor against a blue backdrop looks kick ass. And marigold is much cheaper for décor than roses, orchids, etc.

Image Source: Google



4)  In living Spaces: Blue and Yellow compliment each other really well.. like really, really well.

Image Source: Google

So now, all of the above things are from the Oh-so-dreamy world of Pinterest and also cost a lot, which normal people like you and me can’t afford everyday, right?

So we have our own versions **power**

1) For Home Décor, you can get vases (these were gifted to me) and other quirky little things (All under Rs 500 here). Pretty, na? Also, since I have a blue wall, I keep yellow vases so that they look bright.


2) For my Mehndi ceremony, I handpicked my fabric before giving it for embroidery and stitching. I had gone to a fabric shop and insisted on “Mango Yellow” and “Aqua Blue” fabric only. And also, I got the Mehndi cones wrapped in Blue and Yellow so that they match and be all pretty and all: D

3) Normal clothes: Like daily Kurtis and shirts for normal everyday life.


4) I have tons of friends who are LA LA Land friends. Gautam loved it so much that he made a collage inspired by La La Land. How pretty and nice na?


5) Finally, and probably the cutest things for this post is the below made by Gautam’s mom. They can be used as coasters and for keeping and organizing your stuff. I know there is a bit of yellow and green also here but we did not want to crop it out as we love Aunty and you get the point right 🙂


Super combo it is, isn’t it?



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