5 kinds of products to beat the Indian summer heat (under Rs. 500)

Summer is already in full swing and it is not even May or June.

Note: SkinCare products have different affect on different people. Also, the same products that work for me may or may not work for someone. Any good skincare regime should be dependent on your skin type season, the place you are living in and the season.

The below recommendations are based on the humid Indian summer season.

  • Face Wash: I have been reading about skincare since I was probably 15-16 years old (I am 28 now). When it comes to face wash(or any other kind of cleansing products) the basic thumb rule is that if after washing your face, if your skin feels dry and stretchy, then the product is not meant for you. A cleanser should always leave your face clean, non-drying and non-stretchy. Something like Neutrogena’s Liquid Neutrogena works perfectly well for my dry skin.They have a variant for each skin type and super budget friendly as well. I think in summers specially you should was your face 3 times: once in the morning/bath time, once after reaching office/college (to get rid of the dirt on the way) and once in the night.


  • Face Mask: For summers, clay masks will be your best friend. They suck out all the impurities and deeply cleans your skin. My tip is to keep the mask in the fridge so that when you apply it you get a cooling sensation which is so so so amazing in the summers. Plum’s Green tea clay mask is one of the best budget clay masks which doesn’t leave your skin dry or stretched after applying. This is one of my all time favorite clay masks. (Price: around Rs 450, available online)
  • Deodorants  and Roll-ons: Nivea makes some of the best affordable Deodorants  and rollons. (I also love the Adidas’s Deodorants ). They are super affordable (~Rs 200) and keeps you fresh.


  • Moisturizers : Using a moisturizer with SPF is important in the day time.Now the problem is to find a moisturizer with SPF that doesn’t make your face sweaty (hence should be applied at least 15-20 mins before stepping out in the heat). Honestly, I do not like moisturizer with SPF but if I have to pick one I would pick the Neutrogena’s Oil free moisturizer for dry skin. For the night use a very very light moisturizer as you don’t want to get your skin oily. Himalaya’s nourishing lotion is light and moisturizes the skin well. For the body, I love love love the Vaseline’s spray moisturizer (the normal variant). It is super easy to use and gets absorbed to the skin like a dream.


  • Fruity Body washes: Summers are all about fresh scents and my personal favorite ones for the season are citrus-y fruity body washes. Fiama-di-wills Brazillian orange and Ginseng Shower gel is a super affordable and super smelling shower wash.


Tip: Carry some cucumber infused water (cucumber slices kept in water overnight) in a mini spray bottle for instantly making your skin feel super fresh. Cucumber naturally cools down your face 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading this.



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