Mumbai’s lifeline!

Mumbai is best enjoyed in its local trains and in Kaali-Peeli taxis. One of my most enriching experiences in the city has been during the time when I was travelling everyday from work to home in the trains. Mumbai’s local train network is not just the city’s lifeline, it also adds a lot to what the city is. When I was working in Worli and had to travel 60km everyday, I used to take the train and even though it gets hot, pushy, can lead to fights etc. it makes you feel a part of the city more than any other experience or thing can make you feel. People are doing business in the trains (selling vegetables, earrings etc.), working on their computers, eating food (I used to buy Vadapav and eat in the train), asking each other in which station they are getting down (so that the person can take the others standing place or seat) and sharing stories about their daily life. My commute was for over an hour and when I look back to that time of my life, I have only memories that makes me smile. I had many many conversations with a lot of people in trains and also took a lot of pics during the train journeys and I documented those (in a page called QuintVint Mumbai) some of which are shared below:

You see , Mumbai local trains are something that defines Mumbai’s lifestyle and the way people live for most of its residents. I personally know people who travel by train over 100 km per day for their livelihood. And when Mumbai local trains stop running (during monsoons, about it some other day), Mumbai comes to halt.

And hence, we had to share this because it is our Lifestyle 🙂



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