Wanderlust Picks: Udaipur

Udaipur can be best described as  pristine, minimalist, quaint and raw. I would chose Udaipur as a holiday place (2-3 days short trip) for any time of the year except for the peak summer months. The city is so beautiful, away from mainstream commercialization and so picturesque that it had forced me to go there 3 times in a period of 3 years. I can probably do 3-4 posts on Udaipur because I love it so much. But I am going to restrain myself from it and write about what is about the place that I love it so much ( and hence so many pictures clicked by me below :))

1)The view of the Taj Lake Palace from either side of Lake Pichola. Sure, I cant afford to stay there but I do day dream about it and feel good


2)The fact that almost every budget hotel around “Lake Pichola” has a roof top restaurant and the ones next to Fateh Sagar Lake offers pristine views of the lake. Also, love the super Make My Trip deals, once we had got 2 night stay at Raddison+ return flight ticket for Rs. 7K per person from Go Ibibo 🙂



3)The view of the other side of Lake Pichola from Ghanghor Ghaat


4)The streets and walls of the old city, looking as if they have a story to tell.

5) Ghanghor Ghaat: Best place to sit down and do nothing




5) The mesmerizing Fatehsagar lake.

untitled108 edit-21.jpg

untitled108 edit-4.jpg

6) The locals of Udaipur: So rustic

7) Postcards as souvenirs from pre independence era (bought from a local shop there). The drawings are made by the locals and sold for Rs 10 each. I had pinned them at my office desk as a decor thing to add a pop of color)


8)My most favorite thing about Udaipur: The memories you make there, for which no number of pictures can do justice.

untitled108 edit-11.jpg




Pictures by Daisy


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