Shades in Sync: Shades of blue with white

Hi Guys,

This is the first post for our “Shades in sync” series. This will be once in a 2/3 month or once in a quarter feature where we share and talk about color pallete that work together with each other like they are cut from a same frame: like they belong together (like SRK and Kajol on screen you know, you get the analogy right?). These combinations look good across stuff: clothes, nature, man made places, home decor, everywhere. We will write about why certain colors look so good together and certain others are a mess together on a different post.

One of the combinations that probably is most common is Blue and White (Blue Denims and White shirt is the best combo ever, na? But for this post we are leaving clothes aside as it is probably the most common color combination when it comes to clothes). Let’s see what and where this combination looks “Oh-so-drool-worthy”

1)Santorini, Greece: I have seen Santorini only through my friends honeymoon or travel pics on FB. See how gorgeous the combo looks together. (Pic source: Google)


2)In nature’s lap: When sky meets the sea (Pic source: Google)



3)In living spaces (Pic source: Pinterest)


4)Restaurant decor: Little door of Mumbai have a very “Santorini” inspired blue and white theme decor in its entrance and beyond (Pic source: Google)


5)Brand Logos: Indigo, Facebook etc. have their logos in this combination (Source: Google)

I find this color combination very very inspiring and hence, I have tried to incorporate it in my personal life and space as follows:

1)Blue pillow cushions on Blue rug


2)In a custom made table lamp/vase


3)In painting a part of a wall blue that compliments really well with white.


4)And most importantly, excel and PowerPoint formatting, unless otherwise stated :

So much in sync, right? 🙂



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